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Exotic Varieties

The substantial and growing interest in exotic potato varieties is, I suppose, a simple reaction to the fact that potatoes have for centuries been overwhelmingly white, and overwhelmingly round.  Well, now the white and the round are being challenged by the red, the blue, the black and the pink fir apple, which is pink on the outside, white on the inside and shaped more like a Jerusalem artichoke.  Bring it on, we say.

Morghew Gourmet Potatoes supplies no less than 6 exotic varieties, as follows:




This variety has a deep blue skin and an equally deep blue flesh.  It has a floury texture and makes the most striking blue potato wedges, chips and mash.  The mash is frequently piped on top of shepherds pie and similar dishes to give a more distinctive appearance.  It seems that the blue pigment in Salad Blue has antioxidant qualities and may be anti-carcinogenic – rather like blueberries.
Available washed in 5 or 10kg boxes or in 1kg net bags.


Another dramatic colour scheme for chefs wishing to enhance the appearance of dishes.  Highland Burgundy Red has a fairly conventional-looking red skin, but the flesh inside is as red as a beetroot.  The potatoes are fairly floury, and like Salad Blue, they make dramatic-looking chips, potato wedges and mash.
Available washed or unwashed in 1kg nets and 5 or 10kg boxes. 


Shetland Black has a very dark blue skin (which appears almost black) with a pale yellow and floury flesh.  It has a dry, floury flesh (like a King Edward) and a buttery, attractive taste.  In fact it makes a very good novelty roast potato which, because of its dryness, is ideally suited to soaking up the flavour from sauces and gravies.  Alternatively, small cubes or slices of boiled Shetland Black can be used to soak up the tastes of herbs and spices in a variety of salad dishes.
Available in washed in 5 or 10kg boxes or in 1kg net bags.


This is a red version of the ultra-traditional King Edward potato.  If steamed or boiled, the skin’s red colour is substantially retained.  Although the flesh is white, the skin is a brighter red even than Highland Burgundy Red.  Also excellent for roasting and baking.

Available in 7.5kg or 25kg sacks from our honesty stall or as a red salad potato in 5 or 10kg boxes.



This is a spectacular potato whose popularity in restaurants and at dinner parties has grown enormously over the past few years. PFA, as we call them, have a unique nutty flavour, white flesh and a waxy texture – quite unlike anything else.  And nature’s packaging is unique, resembling a Jerusalem artichoke more than a potato.

Obviously, nobody ever attempts to peel PFA, but they can be boiled, steamed, fried and baked.  My favourite recipe for PFA involves par-boiling them and laying them on a baking tray.  They can then be partially squashed with a fork before sprinkling with olive oil and black pepper, and baking in a hot oven for 12 minutes.  Quite superb.

Available in 5 or 10kg boxes and they look especially tasty presented in our 1kg nets.


This striking purple fleshed potato is also known as French Truffle. The purple colour is retained best when the potato is steamed. Vitelotte have a nutty chestnut like flavour and also contain anti-oxidants.
Available washed in 5 or 10kg boxes or in 1kg net bags.


Mayan Gold are said to be closely related to the potatoes that Sir Walter Raleigh (allegedly) presented to Queen Elizabeth I.
Golden in colour they make wonderful roasties..
Be very careful if you are boiling them though they break down in a matter of minutes.